Here’s what you need for your Child this Weekend

Are your children passing their time playing video games during the weekend? Or they are messing up in parties and running out of fun in picnics? Then a thick PVC or vinyl and nylon surfaced castle blown up by electric or a patrol-powered air pump, we call a “bouncy-castle” or often called an inflatable castle, can serve the purpose. Inflatable bounce house are a fun way for children to enjoy at the mall or a back yard party. They keep children active and busy while also making them able to learn the disciplines and directions in a fun way.Inflatable bounce houses

Now, you might be thinking of an inflatable bounce house as a trampoline with some decorations on which children will jump like pandas? Well, no. Besides just the bouncing floor, a bounce house is enriched with some extra features that pack up the most of its popularity. These extra features make them more tempting and enjoyable for children’s and they always have fun way to engage with an inflatable castle. Below herein, we’re gonna discuss some of those features that make bouncers so special for kids.

Bouncing Floor

As the name suggests, a bounce house always has a bouncing floor and it’s incomplete without it. This is what makes inflatables outstand the other play structures. Bouncing floor is basically the main attraction of an inflatable.


To run around the periphery, some inflatable bounce houses have tunnels that a narrow and small making them suitable for really small kids. Likewise, if the child is not old enough to jump and bounce with other children, tunnels are the best option for him.


After the bouncing floor, slides are loved the most by the kids. So, what if they saw a bouncy slide? That is exactly the popular attraction. The inflatables with slides are mostly for outdoor use and you may have to struggle to find the ones with indoor application. Most indoor sliders are for commercial use and so are really expensive.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls in a bouncer are another fun way for children yet another way to exercise because on a springy and bouncy floor, climbing such walls is safe.

Basketball Hoops

Having basketball hoops in a bouncer makes it more appealing and recreational for the children. Children can bounce on the floor and pot the ball in the basket. Basketball hoops are removable to ensure their safety while children are jumping. Moreover, using regular basketballs can be dangerous so soft basketballs are recommended.


For keeping the children occupied for hours, you may buy some obstacles with the bounce house. Setting up course of obstacles inside the bouncer enhances its appeal. They a separately purchasable yet to ensure the compatibility, you must buy the bounce castle that comes with them.

Water Features

Some inflatable castles have a place for a small pool for kids to splash. Some can be connected to hoses for sprinkles and sprayers so the kids can have nice summertime fun.

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